Monday, October 12, 2009

Java and Application Servers are Everywhere

Everyone does not realize how much Java is changing the world.  Mobile devices, Smart cards, GPS devices are all running Java.  Who would have thought that you would have Java running in application servers in soda machines and smart cards?  Unbelievable that you can set a Java breakpoint for a Java application running on an application server in your phone.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2 is incredible - True Declarative Java programming

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR2 has finally achieved what they've talked about for years, high powered declarative programming for building web applications.  The interfaces for Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer and JDeveloper are incredibly rich with unbelievable functionality and they all integrate incredibly well together.   Allowing all the interfaces to work very well together is so powerful.  For example, going in and working with Oracle XML and going back and forth with OEM, SQL Builder and JDeveloper to work with XML structures is just incredible.  I looked at this with the rich interfaces and all I could think was "wow", allowing all the pieces to  easly integrate is absolutely empowering. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g - Oracle Open World Unconference

Oracle Fusion Middleware Presentation Oracle Open World  - Oct 13, 2009 (Tuesday 11:00)
Location: Moscone West Floor 3 Overlooks

This presentation is designed to demystify Middleware components and explain how these components work together. Topics include: J2EE, Application Servers, Web Services, JSF, ADF, XML, Application Frameworks, Controllers, WSDL, BPEL, SOA and business rule engines. Attendees will learn how each of these components fit into the Fusion Middleware architecture. This is an important presentation for developers, business app developers and DBAs who would like to learn more about the middle-tier.

A lot of people are still not clear on the components of middleware and how they work together within the architectural framework.  When people see things on Oracle Fusion Middleware they see terms like ADF, services, SOA, BPEL, frameworks, controllers, XML, JSF, etc. and are not clear on what these terms are and then how you click a button in JDeveloper and then a miracle happens. In this presentation we will take off the magic covers and show how it all works on the inside.   This is a fun and fast paced presentation I have been delivering since Oracl Fusion Middleware first came out.  I have updated it to include the latest Oracle 11gR2 components and hopefully have added a few funny jokes.

The goal is to provide attendees a fun, entertaining and painless presentation that will help them get an understanding of Oracle Fusion Middleware, why its so important and how the components work together.