Saturday, January 30, 2010

Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Series is Coming!

When Oracle Fusion Middleware first came out I went around the United States and Great Britain and did a number of presentations called "Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middeware".  I've been involved in Oracle Fusion Middleware pack to the day when I delivered the first Oracle JDeveloper internal class at Oracle Corporation on the very first beta release of the product.  This presentation was a one hour presentation and associated white paper that explained  in layman's terms:
  • They key components and products in Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • The importance and role of the different Oracle Fusion Middleware components.
  • How it all fits together.
  • The importance of Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • Strategic Directions.
I've been asked constantly to update this presentation to Oracle 11g and make the presentation and white paper available again.  So by popular demand I am going to present a Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g series and at the end an associated white paper.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Learning more on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g at User Conferences

I've been working with Oracle Java and Fusion Middleware solutions since teaching the first Oracle JDeveloper internal class using the first beta release of JDeveloper.  Since that time JDeveloper and Fusion Middleware has gone through a lot of changes.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and JDeveloper 11g is the most significant release of these products since they've first come out.  The level of real declarative programming capability achieved with 11g is significant.  The new level of declarative programing now allows new middleware developers to play a larger and more productive role in middleware development projects. There are also a number of significant enhancements to all the components in the Oracle Fusion Middleware.  You can also listen to a series of Oracle and Sun strategy webinars on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Here are some great upcoming conferences where you can learn more on Oracle 11g Middleware solutions.

RMOUG (Denver: Feb 16 - 18) - Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group - A fantastic local Oracle users conference.

Collab 10 (Las Vegas:Apr 18 - 22)  - Collaborate 10- The big Oracle users conference of the year.