Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's a DBA Like You Doing in a Middleware Like This?

To a lot of people I'm known as an Oracle DBA.  So with my background in Oracle database technology (RAC, Data Guard, Streams, Backup/Recovery, Performance) I'm often asked why am I spending so much time as an Oracle Fusion Middleware evangelist.  So here are some of the reasons why I stay so involved with Oracle Fusion Middleware:
  • Follow the money: Money spent in the middleware arena is going to significantly exceed the money spent in the database.
  • Multi-tiered infrastructures can get very complex, so my database and middle-tier background allows me to solve enterprise issues across multiple technology stacks.
  • The middle-tier market growth is going to accelerate significantly over the next few years.
  • Love it:  I really enjoy working in working in SOA environments.
  • The excitement:  A lot of the excitement and energy in organizations is solving challenges in the middle-tier with SOA, Web Services, XML, J2EE, BPEL, Business Rules, BAM, etc.

Some thoughts to consider:
  • STAMFORD, Conn., May 6, 2009 — Revenue in the application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) software market totaled $15.1 billion worldwide in 2008 according to Gartner.  The saturated database market is a little over $15 billion.  As the economy picks up, the market growth for middleware will be significantly higher than the database market.
  • As Oracle Fusion business applications start to roll out there is going to be an increasing demand for Oracle Fusion middleware experts.

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